Veronica Belletto

Veronica Belletto

Sometimes credited as: Veronica Belletto, Veronica Belleto

Vocal Range: Contralto    ·    Height: 5'4    ·    Weight: 108    ·    Hair Color: Blonde    ·    Eye Color: Green    ·    Special Skills: Singing, Dancing, and influencing how people think.    ·    Hometown: Colorado Springs    ·    Born: 12/1/1977    ·    High School: N.O.C.C.A.    ·    College: FSU, Delgado    ·    Occupation: Nightclub Manager

Diverse theater background with roles ranging from Joan of Arc to an incestuous clown freak.

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Veronica Belletto
Veronica Belletto
Veronica Belletto
Veronica Belletto

Stage Credits:
.... Naughty Cabaret   (7/2010)
.... NAUGHTY CABARET   (5/2010)
Crazy Girls / Nurse.... Jewtopia   (1/2010)
Morgana *.... Camelot   (9/2009)
*=leading role

Stage Awards and Nominations:
2009- Ambie for best new work
2009 Glammie for Supersized, Crimes Against Nature
2010 Glammie - Diabolical laugh, Camelot

profile in progress...I have lines to study

Non-stage credits:
"Scissors" - T.V. Pilot, Ghostrider Films-Lead role

Faith and Betrayal, Nevermind Productions-Lead role
Modern Man- lead role
The Silencer-Supporting role