Madilyn Sanderson

Madilyn Sanderson

Hair Color: Blonde    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    Training: JPAS; Lakefront Youth Theater Exp.; Melissa Young School of Dance; Metropolitan Musical Theatre    ·    Special Skills: 6 Years of Dancing and 4 Years of Acting    ·    Hometown: Marrero, La    ·    Occupation: Student

Madilyn Sanderson is 8 years old. She attends Visitation of Our Lady, where she is in the (3rd) Third Grade. She was last seen in LYTE’s production of “Peter Pan” as Tinker Bell. She was also in JPAS's productions of “AristoCats”, “101 Dalmatians”, “How to Eat Like a Child”, "A ...Read More

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Madilyn Sanderson
Madilyn Sanderson
Madilyn Sanderson
Madilyn Sanderson

Stage Credits:
Ridgely Rapscallion.... James and the Giant Peach Jr   (11/2015)
Garden Guild.... James and the Giant Peach Jr   (11/2015)
Seagull.... James and the Giant Peach Jr   (11/2015)
Silly Girl *.... Beauty and the Beast Jr.   (7/2015)
Matilda.... Willy Wonka, Jr.   (2/2014)
Baby Elephant.... Disney's The Jungle Book - Kids   (12/2011)
Tinker Bell *.... Peter Pan   (7/2011)
Alley Cat.... Disney's Aristocats, Kids   (4/2011)
Claudette Herdman *.... The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!   (12/2010)
Bobbie.... How To Eat Like A Child   (11/2010)
Ensemble.... Alice's Wonderland Adventures!   (7/2010)(7/2010)(6/2010)
Puppy.... Disney's 101 Dalmatians   (5/2010)
Singing Snowflake.... A Christmas Carol (JPAS Theatre Kids!)   (12/2009)
Munchkey.... The Wizard Of Oz   (6/2009)
Morning Dew.... A Kidsummer Night's Dream   (5/2009)
*=leading role