Julius Laurent Jr.

Julius Laurent Jr.

Sometimes credited as: Julius Laurent

Vocal Range: Tenor/Bass    ·    Height: 5'9"    ·    Weight: 210    ·    Hair Color: Gray    ·    Eye Color: Blue    ·    Special Skills: Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Bus Driver, T-shirt designer and printer    ·    Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA    ·    Born: 4/26/1959    ·    High School: Archbishop Shaw    ·    College: Louisiana State University    ·    Occupation: Chemist

I have designed and created t-shirts/polo shirts/sweatshirts for dozens of local plays.

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Julius Laurent Jr.

Stage Credits:
Guitar.... Always...Patsy Cline   (8/2008)
Men's Ensemble.... Oklahoma!   (7/2007)
Mr. Darling.... Peter Pan   (7/2005)
Wes Warnicker.... Footloose   (7/2003)
John Arable.... Charlotte's Web   (10/2002)
Ickes.... Annie  
Hooverville / NYC Citizen.... Annie  
Ensemble.... Annie  
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Banjo / Guitar.... Oklahoma!   (7/2007)
Spotlight Operator.... Charlie and the Chocolate Factory   (10/2003)
Costume Design.... Footloose   (7/2003)

Non-stage credits:
Deja Vu - Streetcar Rider, A Perfect Day - Limo Driver and Christmas Party Goer, Final Destination 4 - Golfer, Nike Commercial with Chris Paul - Security Guard