Dylan Campbell Troost

Dylan Campbell Troost

Vocal Range: tennor    ·    Height: 5'3"    ·    Hair Color: brown    ·    Eye Color: brown    ·    Training: NOCCA/riverfront    ·    Hometown: Metairie/Kenner, LA    ·    Born: 8/27/1994    ·    High School: brother martin

I am 13 years old and love to act, sing, and dance!!!!


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Dylan Campbell Troost
Dylan Campbell Troost

Stage Credits:
.... Play Me a Memory   (6/2010)
*=leading role

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Soter Boone Award Nomination For Best Chid performace//A Christmas Carol

Non-stage credits:
I have been in one movie
"The Brooke Elesion Story"
I was kid who walks through
hallway nd looks at camra