Cristina Hatheway

Cristina Hatheway

Vocal Range: Contralto/Mezzo    ·    Height: 5'3"    ·    Weight: 130    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Green    ·    Training: 12 years Jefferson Parish Public Schools, 2 years NOCCA, 1 year University of the Arts.    ·    Special Skills: juggling, flexiblility, many dialects, combat training, fencing, fluent in Spanish, mask work    ·    Hometown: Metairie, La    ·    Born: 10/11/1989    ·    High School: NOCCA    ·    College: Univeristy of the Arts    ·    Occupation: Actress

"Acting is a spiritual quest to touch human beings." - Larry Moss
Currently, I am new to the Philadelphia area and a second semester freshman at the Univeristy of the Arts. I am majoring in Acting to earn my BFA. I love doing any and all types of theatrical productions! Experience is essential in growing.

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Cristina Hatheway
Cristina Hatheway
Cristina Hatheway
Cristina Hatheway

Stage Credits:
Megan *.... The Health Benefits of Orange Soda   (8/2009)
Costard *.... Love's Labour's Lost   (8/2009)
Gertrude McFuzz *.... Seussical The Musical Jr.   (4/2008)
Velma Kelly *.... Chicago   (3/2008)
Miss Prism.... The Importance Of Being Earnest   (11/2007)
Theodora.... Barbecuing Hamlet   (10/2007)
Irene Roth *.... Crazy For You   (6/2007)
Ensemble.... Theatre on the Run!   (5/2007)
Wicked Witch of the West *.... The Wizard Of Oz   (4/2007)
Choragos.... Oedipus The Tyrant   (1/2007)
Officer Bainbridge *.... You Have the Right to Remain Dead   (12/2006)
Ensemble.... Katrina's Tongue   (6/2006)
Peter Pan *.... Peter Pan   (5/2006)
*=leading role

Non-stage credits:
Racing For Time, Racing for Time Inc., Summer 2007