Charles Regnard

Charles Regnard

Vocal Range: Tenor/Bass    ·    Height: 6'2    ·    Hair Color: Dark Brown    ·    Eye Color: Hazel    ·    Training: Talented Theatre Program, Haynes Academy Theatre    ·    Special Skills: Multilingual, quick on lines, belch on cue, several voices, high energy, able to build set,     ·    High School: Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies    ·    Occupation: Student

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Charles Regnard
Charles Regnard
Charles Regnard
Charles Regnard

Stage Credits:
Buff.... subUrbia   (6/2012)
Corny Collins *.... Hairspray   (6/2011)
Mr. Trevor Graydon *.... Thoroughly Modern Millie   (4/2011)
Genie *.... Aladdin Jr.   (11/2010)
Lion *.... The Wizard of Oz   (6/2010)
performer *.... Class Cut Ups   (3/2010)
Geronte *.... Scapino!   (3/2010)
Hippie/Caroler/Felix understudy.... A Christmas Carol - The Whole Story - The Movie!   (12/2009)
Jack.... Who Kidnapped Mother Goose?   (5/2009)
Albert Peterson *.... Bye Bye Birdie   (4/2009)
Tybalt.... Romeo & Juliet - The Westside Story   (1/2009)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Lighting Design; Program Editor.... Scapino!   (3/2010)
Stage Manager.... Four Dogs and a Bone   (11/2009)

Non-stage credits:
Hippie/Caroler/Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come stand-in (A Christmas Carol-The Whole Story...The Movie!)