Justin Guidroz

Justin Guidroz

Vocal Range: Bass, good with accents and character voices    ·    Height: 6'    ·    Weight: 300    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Green/Hazel    ·    Training: Been acting on stage since 5 years old, some vocal training (not solo), and various stunt training.    ·    Special Skills: Funny, often does comedy. Can cry on demand as well as make other sounds. Good with accents.    ·    Hometown: St. Bernard, LA    ·    Born: 11/25/1991    ·    High School: Brother Martin High School/New Orleans Center for Creative Arts    ·    College: University of New Orleans

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Justin Guidroz
Justin Guidroz
Justin Guidroz
Justin Guidroz

Stage Credits:
Gooper.... Cat on a Hot Tin Roof   (2/2014)
Ensemble.... Parsifal Worthy   (11/2013)
Dominic.... Tony and Tina's Wedding   (10/2013)
Tailor .... The Taming of the Shrew   (4/2013)
Radio Voice/Apollo Guard.... Orestes 2.0   (2/2013)
Kustinov.... The Good Doctor   (11/2012)
Infomercial Guy.... Suicide in the Key of Infomercial   (10/2012)
Ensemble.... Verbatim Verboten New Orleans   (6/2012)
Fetch/Locksmith.... Spring Awakening: A Children's Tragedy   (5/2012)
Kent.... Talk Radio   (7/2011)
Nick Bottom/Egeus *.... Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream   (7/2010)
Lionel Astley.... Back to the 80's   (12/2009)
Captain Flint/Squire Roland Trelawney *.... Treasure Island: The Play   (7/2009)
Sir Toby Belch *.... Shakespeare's Twelfth Night   (4/2009)
Polonius/Player King *.... Shakespeare's Hamlet   (6/2008)
Benjamin *.... The Four of Us  
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Sound Design.... Bug   (8/2014)
Producer .... What Do You Say To A Shadow?   (9/2013)
Producer .... Motherf**ker with the Hat   (8/2013)
Producer .... Miscasted!   (3/2013)
Sound Design.... Orestes 2.0   (2/2013)
Director.... Urban Hades   (11/2012)
Stage Manager.... Michelangelo's Models   (8/2012)
Director.... Spring Awakening: A Children's Tragedy   (5/2012)
Backstage Crew.... Tiny Alice   (1/2012)
Sound Designer .... About Time   (11/2011)
Backstage Crew.... Closer   (3/2011)
Backstage Crew.... AFTERLIFE: a ghost story   (10/2010)
Production Apprentice.... In The Next Room, or The Vibrator Play   (9/2010)
Director.... 2nd Annual Night of One Acts   (10/2009)
Director.... Waiting  
Producer .... The Four of Us  
Producer / Executive Director.... Durang Fest  

Stage Awards and Nominations:
2013 Irene Ryan Best Actor Nominee, Region 6 - Infomercial Guy, "Suicide in the Key of Infomercial"
Excellence in Sound Design (About Time) - 2011 KCACTF State Festival (Louisiana)
Director's Award, Brother Martin Dionysians, Twelfth Night, 2009

Non-stage credits:
So Undercover
21 Jump Street