Brittany Chandler

Brittany Chandler

Vocal Range: alto    ·    Height: 5'9''    ·    Weight: 125    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    College: BA Theater, Loyola University

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Brittany Chandler
Brittany Chandler
Brittany Chandler
Brittany Chandler

Stage Credits:
Brooke Ashton *.... Noises Off   (3/2013)
Various Female Roles *.... Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson   (10/2012)
Helena *.... All's Well That Ends Well   (3/2012)
Irina.... To Moscow, You Betcha!   (11/2010)
Case Worker.... Oedipus: Category Five   (8/2010)
Vassilissa *.... The Lower Depths   (5/2010)
1st Portly Gentleman, Mrs. DIlber, Tom, Belinda Cratchit, Ex-Fiancee's Daughter, Ghost in Limbo, Bells, Ignorance, 2nd Fat Businessman, Mrs.Fezziwig, Shopper, 2nd Clerk, Scrooge's Sister.... A Christmas Carol   (11/2009)
Andromache.... The Trojan Women   (3/2009)
Davida Rajeski *.... The Bug   (10/2008)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Stage Manager.... Rabbit Sense   (9/2011)
Sound Designer .... The Misanthrope   (11/2010)
Stage Manager.... Heart Of A Dog   (3/2010)