Greta de la Rua

Greta de la Rua

Vocal Range: Alto 1    ·    Height: 5'7"    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    Training: numerous years of mixed styles of dance, vocal training under Melissa Brezinsky,      ·    Born: 12/16/1993    ·    High School: Dominican

Currently training in Ballet and Contemporary at Dancer's Pointe and New Orleans Ballet Association. Experience in many styles of dance. Vocal lessons under Melissa Brezinsky

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Greta de la Rua
Greta de la Rua
Greta de la Rua

Stage Credits:
Magda Svenson .... The Night of January 16th   (3/2010)
Ensemble.... Back to the 80's   (12/2009)
Ensemble.... Leader of the Pack   (6/2009)
Ensemble.... Cinderella   (6/2008)
Starmite.... Starmites   (4/2008)
Ensemble .... Just So   (7/2007)
Ensemble.... Godspell   (8/2006)
Ensemble .... Aladdin, Jr.   (7/2005)
Princess Briar Rose *.... The Spell of Sleeping Beauty   (12/2004)
Orphan.... Oliver!   (3/2004)
*=leading role