Vatican Lokey

Vatican Lokey

Vocal Range: 1st Tenor to 2nd Baritone    ·    Height: 6 ft    ·    Weight: 200    ·    Hair Color: Salt & pepper brown    ·    Eye Color: Blue    ·    Training: 40 years professional, regional, and community theatre; University of Mississippi, 1991    ·    Special Skills: Singer, playwright, puppet construction, public relations & show publicity, costuming, props    ·    Hometown: New Orleans, LA    ·    Occupation: Actor

A proud member of Actors Equity Association and a New Orleans actor since 1992, Vatican has worked extensively throughout the city, both on and offstage, and around the South, most notably in Atlanta, GA. He is the author of several plays and radio dramas and comedies, as well as the ...Read More

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Vatican Lokey
Vatican Lokey
Vatican Lokey
Vatican Lokey

Stage Credits:
Lord Farquaad *.... Shrek: The Musical   (8/2016)
Edouard Dindon *.... La Cage aux Folles   (6/2013)
.... RUFFF!! Rockers United for Furry Friends!   (3/2013)(3/2013)
Dorien *.... The Art of Unbearable Sensations   (11/2012)
Danny Maguire/Zeus *.... Xanadu   (6/2012)(6/2012)(5/2012)
Beth/Bob.... Nine Lives-A Musical Adaptation   (4/2012)(1/2012)(10/2011)(5/2011)
82nd Airborne Commander.... Nine Lives-A Musical Adaptation   (4/2012)(1/2012)(10/2011)(5/2011)
Billy Grace (Tipitina's) *.... Nine Lives-A Musical Adaptation   (4/2012)(1/2012)(10/2011)(5/2011)
Corny Collins *.... Hairspray   (2/2012)(2/2012)(1/2012)
Himself *.... Divas Take Action: Design & Conquer   (12/2011)
Herbert Higgins *.... Shine! The Horatio Alger Musical   (11/2011)(11/2011)
Dr. Trenton Crane *.... La Sirena   (8/2011)
Aldolpho *.... The Drowsy Chaperone   (8/2011)
Barber.... Man Of La Mancha   (6/2011)
Ensemble *.... Forbidden Broadway   (11/2010)
Marcus Lycus *.... A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum   (7/2010)
Vatican *.... NOLA AEA Liaison Tony Party   (6/2010)
George Gould Strong *.... Grey Gardens   (5/2010)
Chaplin / Doc / Dad.... With A Bang   (3/2010)
Vatican (video).... Stocker Fontelieu Memorial   (1/2010)
Dorian *.... Opus   (9/2009)
Paul.... Company   (7/2009)
Vatican *.... Curtain Call - A Benefit For Le Petit Theatre   (4/2009)
Arthur Lawrence / John Galsworthy *.... Scandalous! The Musical Based On The Life Of D.H. Lawrence   (3/2009)
Vatican *.... The Christmas Eve Follies   (12/2008)
Guest Storyteller (10/21).... Poona The F*ckdog   (12/2008)
Pluto *.... The Frogs   (11/2008)
The Proprietor.... Assassins   (10/2008)
The Engineer *.... Miss Saigon   (9/2008)
Performer, "Miss Saigon" *.... Marquee Theatre Awards 2008   (7/2008)
Radio Announcer.... Bugsy Malone Jr.   (7/2008)
Vatican *.... June With Judy (2008 Edition)   (6/2008)
Jeeves *.... By Jeeves   (5/2008)
Glad Hand.... West Side Story   (4/2008)
Finache *.... A Flea In Her Ear   (2/2008)
Vatican *.... The Tinseltown Follies   (12/2007)
Ensemble *.... Christmas, My Way   (11/2007)
Mr. Trevor Graydon *.... Thoroughly Modern Millie   (9/2007)
Albert Einstein *.... Light My Way (Premiere Workshop Production)   (5/2007)
Vatican.... June With Judy (Original 2005 Production)   (6/2005)
Gepetto; Narrator *.... Pinocchio   (4/2005)
Juan Peron *.... Evita   (4/2005)
Judas Iscariot *.... Jesus Christ Superstar   (3/2005)
Pit Singer.... Disney's Beauty And The Beast   (12/2004)(12/2004)
Seasons Greetings *.... The Toymaker's Helper   (12/2004)
Billy Flynn *.... Chicago   (10/2004)
various.... Verbatim Verboten   (3/2004)
Coyote *.... Dreamspinner: Tales of North America   (11/2003)
Mr. Evelyn Charles Claiborne, Esq. *.... Bayou Yaga   (9/2003)
Messr. Charles Cole Bienville *.... Voo Doo To-Do In New Orleans   (9/2003)
Bellomy.... The Fantasticks   (6/2003)
Ensemble *.... Anansi!   (1/2003)
Ensemble.... Amelia Earhart   (11/2002)
Burt Bibble.... Not Without Grandma   (11/2002)
Ensemble.... The Hobbit   (10/2002)
Emcee/Comic *.... Showboatin'   (8/2002)
Dr. Jason Posner *.... Wit   (6/2002)
Emcee/Comic *.... The Burley-Q Revue   (5/2002)
Narrator *.... Frumpled Fairy Tales   (2/2002)
Maxie Slapdash *.... Showboatin', A Sassy Pants Revue   (12/2001)
Low Brow Comic *.... The Sassy Pants Revue   (11/2001)
Mr. Clive Padget / John Jasper *.... The Mystery Of Edwin Drood   (6/2001)
Xavier the Pilgrim *.... The Bepuzzled Pilgrim   (11/2000)
Freddie Trumper *.... Chess   (10/2000)
Whizzer Brown *.... Falsettos   (1/2000)
Everybody Else *.... Sammy The Sorcerer's Unsightly Halloween   (10/1999)
Baron Felix von Gaigern *.... Grand Hotel   (9/1999)
Angel City 4.... City Of Angels   (6/1999)
Trevor, a professional partygoer *.... A Swell Party!   (4/1999)
Tacky, The Witch *.... Rapunzel   (4/1999)
As Irving's Pal *.... God Bless Irving Berlin   (11/1998)
as Himself *.... Mental Floss   (8/1998)
Dickie Cochoran.... Joey & Mary's Irish-Italian Wedding   (2/1998)
Beast *.... Beauty & The Beast (Graham & Palmisano version)   (5/1997)
John Worthing *.... The Importance Of Being Earnest   (1/1997)
Ensemble *.... Light Up The Sky '96   (11/1996)
Homer Zuckerman *.... Charlotte's Web   (10/1996)
Something To Live For *.... Sophisticated Ladies   (9/1996)
Dr. Neville Craven *.... The Secret Garden   (4/1996)
Arlecchino *.... Pinocchio Commedia   (3/1996)
Harold *.... Treehouse Players' Rapunzel   (8/1995)(2/1995)(9/1993)(1/1993)
Performer.... Artists Against Aids - Third Annual Benefit   (7/1995)
Lucius/Octavius.... Julius Caesar   (5/1995)
Ian Wayne *.... Knock 'em Dead!   (3/1995)
Tony Nunzio, Jr. *.... Tony 'N' Tina's Wedding   (9/1994)
Ensemble *.... Light Up The Sky '93   (10/1993)
Ross / Bishop Walsham How / Snark *.... The Elephant Man   (11/1992)
Micmac.... The Little Mermaid   (10/1992)
Henrik Egerman *.... A Little Night Music   (9/1992)
Village Bartender/Danny Burns.... Applause   (6/1992)
Narratimus *.... An Afternoon with Aesop  
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Publicity.... Divas Take Action: Design & Conquer   (12/2011)
Publicity.... Shine! The Horatio Alger Musical   (11/2011)(11/2011)
Publicity.... Divas Take Action!: A Benefit for NO/AIDS Taskforce & Seasons of Concern   (12/2010)
Poster Art Work.... Mother Goose On the Loose   (10/2009)(4/2009)(4/2009)
Poster Design.... The Krewe Of Easter Karnival   (4/2009)
Poster Design.... Over The River And Through The Woods   (10/2008)
Poster Design; Program Design; Publicist; Director of Marketing..... Miss Saigon   (9/2008)
Publicity; Poster Design.... June With Judy (2008 Edition)   (6/2008)
Poster Design.... The Pet Doctor's Dilemma   (6/2008)
Set Design; Set Construction; Publicity; Poster Design.... By Jeeves   (5/2008)
Poster Design.... Ruthless! The Musical   (4/2008)
Set Design; Set Construction & Painting.... A Flea In Her Ear   (2/2008)
Co-Producer; Concept.... The Tinseltown Follies   (12/2007)
Poster Design.... June with Judy (2007 Edition)   (6/2007)
Writer - Add'l material.... Light My Way (Premiere Workshop Production)   (5/2007)
Poster Design.... June With Judy (2006 Edition)   (6/2006)
Publicity; Poster Design.... June With Judy (Original 2005 Production)   (6/2005)
Set Construction; Puppet Design.... Pinocchio   (4/2005)
Publicity.... Evita   (4/2005)
Writer - Add'l material.... The Toymaker's Helper   (12/2004)
Publicity; Artwork.... The Fantasticks   (6/2003)
Writer - Original Book.... Anansi!   (1/2003)
Publicity.... The Hobbit   (10/2002)
Publicity; Poster Design.... Wit   (6/2002)
Author.... The Burley-Q Revue   (5/2002)
Author.... Showboatin', A Sassy Pants Revue   (12/2001)
Writer - Add'l material; Publicity.... The Bepuzzled Pilgrim   (11/2000)
Publicity.... Sammy The Sorcerer's Unsightly Halloween   (10/1999)
Publicity.... Grand Hotel   (9/1999)
Publicity.... City Of Angels   (6/1999)
Publicity.... Rapunzel   (4/1999)
Writer - Original Book.... God Bless Irving Berlin   (11/1998)
Writer - Original Book.... Mental Floss   (8/1998)
Publicity.... Beauty & The Beast (Graham & Palmisano version)   (5/1997)
Publicity.... The Importance Of Being Earnest   (1/1997)
Publicity.... Light Up The Sky '96   (11/1996)
Publicity.... Laughter On The 23rd Floor   (11/1996)
Publicity.... Sophisticated Ladies   (9/1996)
Publicity.... Pinocchio Commedia   (3/1996)
Writer - Lyrics; Writer - Book.... Treehouse Players' Rapunzel   (8/1995)(2/1995)(9/1993)(1/1993)
Costume Design.... Julius Caesar   (5/1995)
Publicity.... Knock 'em Dead!   (3/1995)
Writer - Add'l material.... Light Up The Sky '93   (10/1993)
Props.... What the Dickens!   (12/1992)
Prop Master.... The Elephant Man   (11/1992)
Assistant to the Director.... Once Upon A Mattress   (11/1992)
Costumes.... The Little Mermaid   (10/1992)
Prop Master.... Make Mine Bourbon   (7/1992)
Set Construction.... The Second Time Around   (6/1992)
Set Construction.... Towards Zero   (3/1992)
Set Crew.... Lend Me A Tenor   (1/1992)
Writer - Add'l material.... An Afternoon with Aesop  

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Winner, Best One-Act, Storer Boone Awards for "Treehouse Players's Rapunzel" (book & lyrics)
Winner, Best Actor in a Musical, Storer Boone Awards for "Grand Hotel: The Musical"
Winner, Marquee Theatre Award for "Grand Hotel: The Musical"
Nominated, Best Actor in a Comedy, Storer Boone Awards for "The Importance of Being Earnest"
Nominated, Best Actor in a Musical, The Ambie Awards for "Jesus Christ Superstar" (declined nomination)
Nominated, Best Actor in a Musical, The Ambie Awards 2009, for "Miss Saigon."
Nominated, Best Actor in a Musical, Big Easy Awards 2009 for "Miss Saigon"
Nominated, Best Actor in a Musical, Storer Boone Awards, 2009 for "Miss Saigon"
Winner, Best Actor in a Musical, Marquee Theatre Awards 2009, for "Miss Saigon."
Winner, Best Supporting Actor in a Musical, Storer Boone Awards 2010, for "Scandalous."
Winner, Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, Storer Boone Awards, 2010, for "Opus."
Winner, MVP Award, NOLA Voice Talent Foundation Awards, 2015.

Non-stage credits:
"Scream Queens", FOX TV series, "Professor", Ep. 5
"American Horror Story: Coven", FX series, "Lead Dancer", Ep. 5
"Final Witness", ABC TV pilot, 'Hotel Manager', Ep. 1, 2012
"Free Spirits"-independent film, "Jack Waggoner" 2011
"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"-Paramount Pictures, 'Bounty Hunter' 2011
"30 Days in the Bowl"-documentary, featured subject 2010
Creator of "Professor Carl Nivaleā„¢", Carnival expert for WWL-TV 4's Morning Show, 1996-present
Host of "The Sunday Brunch" on 89.9 WWNO FM, every Sunday 2008-2010
Traffic reporter/on-air talent for KKND-106FM's "The Rod Ryan Show" (as "Paul Christopher"), 1998-2000
Television commercial, "Reserve Long Distance", Reserve Telephone Co., Reserve, LA
Asst. Editor/Layout Artist/Features writer, "Vive la Vie Magazine", 2001-2003
Various characters, "Louisiana Lottery" radio spots, 2000
'Bobo the Clown', Ochsner Health Care radio spot, 2001
"Mrs. Weasley", Blockbuster Video radio spot, 2001
Featured jingle vocalist, Sam's Town Casino radio spot, 2000
Costumed character, Peugeot Automobile's "Mardi Gras" print ad, 1996
Web designer for Porta-Puppet Players, Alison Fraser, Bitter or Better, Morning Call, Vive la Vie Magazine, Treehouse Players of New Orleans, Edward R. Cox