Ryan Nicholoff

Ryan Nicholoff

Vocal Range: Tenor    ·    Height: 5'9''    ·    Weight: 145    ·    Hair Color: Dark Blonde    ·    Eye Color: Green    ·    Training: B.F.A in Musical Theatre from The University of Central Florida    ·    Special Skills: Musician: Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar.  basic tumbling.  various dialects, production skills,     ·    Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ

Ryan is the founder and co- artistic director of Counting Squares Theatre. Ryan was last seen in multiple featured roles in Counting Squares Theatre's progressive production of "Carpe Tunnel" including a world premiere piece by Emmy award winning Stephen Belber which inspired his upcoming feature film with Jennifer Aniston and ...Read More

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Ryan Nicholoff
Ryan Nicholoff
Ryan Nicholoff
Ryan Nicholoff

Stage Credits:
Algernon Moncreif.... The Importance of Being Earnest   (11/2009)
*.... Bigger Than i   (6/2009)
Woyzeck *.... Woyzeck   (9/2008)
*.... Carpe Tunnel: Embracing the Struggle   (6/2008)
Jack *.... Boys' Life   (1/2008)
Max *.... Bent   (10/2007)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Producer .... Lone Star & Laundry & Bourbon   (9/2011)
Artistic Director.... Spanky and Spry   (3/2010)
Artistic Director.... The Importance of Being Earnest   (11/2009)
Artistic Director.... Bigger Than i   (6/2009)
Founder Artistic Director .... Woyzeck   (9/2008)
Artistic Director.... Carpe Tunnel: Embracing the Struggle   (6/2008)
Founder Artistic Director .... Boys' Life   (1/2008)
Founder Artistic Director .... Bent   (10/2007)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Four Irene Ryan nominations for excellence in acting.

Non-stage credits:
A Rhapsody in Love and War: Trybe productions
Promotional video for Agency RX