Monica R. Harris

Monica R. Harris

Vocal Range: Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano    ·    Hair Color: Black    ·    Eye Color: Dark Brown    ·    Training: Shakespeare in Performance, Acting I-III,Voice and Movement I & II, Audition Techniques; View Points    ·    Special Skills: 8 yrs of classical and choral training,    ·    Hometown: Angeles City, Pompanga, Luzon    ·    High School: C.F. Brewer    ·    College: Loyola University New Orleans    ·    Occupation: Actor, Asst. Business & Box Office Manager

June 2008-June 2013 Cripple Creek Theatre Co. Member, PR/PRESS Development| 2007 Graduate of Loyola University New Orleans, B.A. Theatre Arts|SAG ELIGIBLE

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Monica R. Harris
Monica R. Harris
Monica R. Harris
Monica R. Harris

Stage Credits:
Camae *.... The Mountaintop   (11/2013)
Francine/ Lena.... Clybourne Park   (5/2013)
Ariyel.... Catch the Wall   (3/2013)
Bonnie.... Balm in Gilead   (9/2012)
Lampito.... Lysistrata   (5/2012)
Negro Woman/Flower Vendor.... A Streetcar Named Desire   (3/2012)
Delores.... Fellatio: An Oral Discussion   (11/2011)
Angel *.... Marisol   (4/2011)
Lucy Brown *.... Threepenny Opera   (12/2010)
Jocasta *.... Oedipus: Category Five   (8/2010)
Ma Ubu *.... Ubu Roi   (2/2010)
Toy Soldier *.... The Velveteen Rabbit   (12/2009)
Ensemble.... Aida   (9/2009)
Moses, Ivy, Conventioneer.... The Skin of Our Teeth   (7/2009)
Evelyn, et al. *.... My Baby's Daddies   (6/2009)(6/2009)
Evelyn, et al. *.... My Baby's Daddies   (5/2009)
Actor.... Rebuilding Appalachian Spring   (11/2008)
Petra Stockmann *.... An Enemy Of The People   (7/2008)
Morgan Le Fay *.... Excalibur! The Story Of Young King Arthur   (3/2007)
Scrooge's Sister, Shopper, Various Ensemble Roles.... A Christmas Carol   (11/2006)
Paulina *.... The Winter's Tale   (3/2006)
Hector*, Maddy, Mal-Mart Shopper, Budgie, Various Ensemble Roles.... Nickel And Dimed   (2/2005)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Marketing Director.... Clybourne Park   (5/2013)
Marketing Director.... Catch the Wall   (3/2013)
Assistant Director; Public Relations Coordinator.... The Insanity of Mary Girard   (1/2013)
Marketing Director.... Balm in Gilead   (9/2012)
Assistant Director/Dramaturg.... Michelangelo's Models   (8/2012)
Public Relations Coordinator.... Lysistrata   (5/2012)
Assistant Box Office Manager.... All's Well That Ends Well   (3/2012)
Assistant Box Office Manager.... Anton in Show Business   (2/2012)
Assistant Box Office Manager.... Godspell   (11/2011)
Assistant Box Office Manager.... In the Blood   (9/2011)
Public Relations Coordinator.... The Future is a Fancyland Place   (9/2011)
Assistant Box Office Manager.... Waiting for Godot   (2/2011)
Assistant Box Office Manager.... The Misanthrope   (11/2010)
Assistant Box Office Manager.... Almost, Maine   (10/2010)
Assistant Box Office Manager.... The Municipal Abattoir   (4/2010)
Director.... This Property is Condemned   (3/2010)
Assistant Box Office Manager.... Heart Of A Dog   (3/2010)
Assistant Box Office Manager.... A Christmas Carol   (11/2009)
Box Office Manager.... Spinning Into Butter   (11/2008)
Dramaturg.... Erik The Fourteenth   (10/2008)
Stage Management Supervisor.... Twelfth Night, or What You Will   (4/2008)
Assistant Director/Dramaturg.... 9 Parts Of Desire   (2/2008)
Director.... The Respectful Prostitute (La Putain Respectueuse)   (4/2007)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
-2007 Leo Zinser Award Winner for Most Outstanding Major for Department of Theatre Arts & Dance
-2007 Big Easy Nominee for Best Unviersity Production in "A Christmas Carol"
-2005 Big Easy Nominee for Best University Production in "Nickel and Dimed"
-2003 Best Technical Direction as Stage Manager in "All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten"
-2002 Best Supporting Actress in her stage debut as The Nurse in "Romeo and Juliet"

"As Paulina, the Queen's Stalwart gentlewoman, Monica Harris spoke the Bard's words trippingly. She revealed an intelligent textual analysis with believable passion and a properly modulated voice. Even when dissembling, she betrayed no "acting." She simply 'was.'"-Brian Sands of AMBUSH Magazine |The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare |Spring 2006

Non-stage credits:
-April 2010 Discovery Channel's "The Colony: Season 2" (Additional Cast)
-May 2009 Warner Bros. Picture's "Jonah Hex" (New Orleans Woman)
-April 2008 New Resonance Chamber Orchestra Workshop (Actor)
-May 2008 MGM Film's "Hurricane Season" (Student)
-May 2008 Discovery Channel's Battleground Earth with Ludacris and Tommy Lee (Local Production Assistant)
-March 2008 Commedia dell'arte production of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night, or What You Will" (Rehearsal Stage Manager)
-April 2008 WWE Film's "12 Rounds" with John Cena (College Student)
-January 2008 Heather Raffo's "9 Parts of Desire" (Assistant Director, Lead Dramaturg)
-November 2007 Lifetime's "Queen-Sized" (Ellen)
-October 2007 Eerie Ventures, LLC., The Haunted Mortuary (Live Performer)