James Quick

James Quick

Vocal Range: Barinor    ·    Height: Tallish    ·    Weight: Pudge    ·    Hair Color: Yes    ·    Eye Color: Witch Hazel    ·    Training: to bark when I need to go walkies    ·    Special Skills: Weird noises    ·    Hometown: Frisco, but don't call it that    ·    Born: 10/23/1959    ·    High School: Ben "freakin" Franklin already    ·    College: Loyola of New Orleans, UNO of New Orleans    ·    Occupation: like the US in Iraq?

Marginally involved in amateur theater in New Orleans from the Early 1970's until the Mid-1990's. Sings reasonably well. Degree in Music Theory and Composition from the University of New Orleans. Small roles in New Orleans Opera Association (Tosca & Turandot), NORD "8 to 18" Workshop (Oliver!, Li'l Abner, Hallelujah Baby) ...Read More

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James Quick
James Quick
James Quick
James Quick

Stage Credits:
Egeus.... A Midsummer Night's Dream   (2/1992)
Pappy Yokum *.... L'il Abner   (8/1973)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Asst. Sound Designer.... Almost Home - From Works by David Mamet   (12/1991)

Stage Awards and Nominations:

Non-stage credits:
1979: Captain Porko: Dullard of the Galaxy (WTUL radio science fiction comedy)
Writer, director, composer, voice actor, sound effects designer