Holly Walker

Holly Walker

Vocal Range: Soprano    ·    Height: 4'11''    ·    Hair Color: Red    ·    Eye Color: Green    ·    Special Skills: clarinet, guitar, singing    ·    Hometown: Shreveport, LA    ·    Born: 12/15/1983    ·    High School: Denham Springs High School    ·    College: LSU, OLOLC    ·    Occupation: RN

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Holly Walker
Holly Walker

Stage Credits:
Female Chorus.... Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat   (8/2008)
Taddy Jo, Dogette.... The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas   (4/2008)
Little Fatty.... Mona Rogers In Person   (4/2008)
*=leading role

Non-stage credits:
Extra ... Living Proof
Extra ... The Librarian 3
Woman ... Ochsner Women's Commercial