Rebecca Guy

Rebecca Guy

Vocal Range: Mezzo/Alto    ·    Height: 5'4    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    Training: S.P.A.R.K.L.E. acting troupe, St. Bernard Children's Show Choir, NOCCA/Riverfront, SHS Tr.#775    ·    Special Skills: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Painting/Drawing, and Improv.    ·    Hometown: New Orleans, LA    ·    Born: 10/5/1992    ·    High School: Slidell High School

I am a senior at Slidell High school, and a proud member of Thespian Troupe #775. I've been acting since i was five years old and plan to do it for a lifetime.

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Rebecca Guy
Rebecca Guy
Rebecca Guy
Rebecca Guy

Stage Credits:
Old Lady 1.... Violet   (10/2015)
Queen of Hearts *.... Alice in Wonderland Jr.   (6/2012)
Brenda.... The Pajama Game   (4/2011)
Rebecca *.... 24 Hour Playfest   (3/2011)
Elvira *.... 2011 One Acts   (1/2011)
Maureen.... Honk!   (10/2010)
Nouns.... School House Rock Junior   (7/2010)
Janet Weiss *.... The Rocky Horror Show   (10/2009)
Jasmine *.... Disney's Aladdin Jr.   (12/2008)
Featured Dancer.... Pippin   (10/2008)
Sharpay *.... High School Musical   (7/2008)
Dorothy *.... Lessons Of Oz   (1/2008)
*=leading role

Stage Awards and Nominations:
W.O.B.A.- Favorite Newcomer

Non-stage credits:
Sundogs- Cindy