Carlos Socorro

Vocal Range: Baritone/High Falsetto    ·    Height: 5'9"    ·    Weight: 182    ·    Hair Color: Black    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    Special Skills: free running, pro-wrestling, high falsetto,and Stage Fighting    ·    Hometown: Metairie, La    ·    Born: 11/19/1988    ·    High School: East Jefferson High School    ·    Occupation: Military

I am A Pro-wrestler, military soldier, and an Actor.
I do plays and musicals...I have been in "School House Rock live"(Bill), "West Side Story"(Pepe), "The Gift of The Maji"(Jim), "You Have The Right to Remain Dead"(Ajax), "Peter Pan"(Crew/Flyer), "The Wizard of Oz"(Crew), "The Loin King"(BonZai), "Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Musical"(Xander), "Theater on The Run"(Lysander/Jeff/Improver), I have started an Improv troupe called Spur of The Moment and I have written and directed a play called "Quiet Storm" it was about Hurricane Katrina.

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Carlos Socorro
Carlos Socorro
Carlos Socorro
Carlos Socorro

Stage Credits:
Sheriff Reynolds.... Bat Boy: The Musical   (11/2010)
.... Autobahn   (4/2010)
Mary Sunshine *.... Chicago   (3/2008)
.... Spur of the Moment Christmas Show   (12/2007)
.... Spur of the Moment   (11/2007)
Lamar.... Barbecuing Hamlet   (10/2007)
*.... Theatre on the Run!   (5/2007)
Ajax Conroy.... You Have the Right to Remain Dead   (12/2006)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Set Construction.... Chicago   (3/2008)
Set Construction & Painting.... Barbecuing Hamlet   (10/2007)
Crew.... The Wizard Of Oz   (4/2007)
Set Construction & Painting.... You Have the Right to Remain Dead   (12/2006)
Crew.... Peter Pan   (5/2006)

Non-stage credits:
Welcome to Acadamia- Extra/Stand-in
Waking Madison- Extra
K-Ville- Extra
Black Ghost- Extra/Goon/Fighter