William Lage

William Lage

Sometimes credited as: Will Lage

Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor    ·    Height: 6'2    ·    Weight: 215    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Hazel    ·    Training: Trained as baritone at Stetson University by Professer R. Franks, Studied Piano at Stetson U.    ·    Special Skills: acting, singing, moderate piano, moderate dance, light guitar, light sword (kendo, fencing), dance    ·    Hometown: Camp Lejune, NC    ·    Born: 12/18/1984    ·    High School: Wharton High School    ·    College: Stetson University    ·    Occupation: Actor/Singer

Stage Credits:
Roger.... Grease   (3/2010)
Herr Zeller.... The Sound Of Music   (3/2009)
Ensemble *.... Broadway In Concert   (12/2008)
Reed *.... The Complete History of America (abridged)   (9/2008)
Ensemble.... The Mikado   (5/2008)
Jim O'Connor *.... The Glass Menagerie   (4/2008)
Young Jake *.... Mend   (1/2008)
Geoffrey.... Something's Afoot   (10/2007)
*.... Broadway's Greatest Composers   (9/2007)
Frederic *.... The Pirates Of Penzance   (5/2007)
Sam *.... Rise-up   (1/2007)
General Genghis Kahn Schmitz/Vlad Vladikoff/Judge Yertle the Turtle.... Seussical: The Musical   (9/2006)
Mortimer.... The Fantastiks   (11/2004)
Reed *.... The Complete History of America (Abridged)  
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Stage Crew..... The Good Doctor   (5/2009)
.... The Sound Of Music   (3/2009)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Best Ensemble: Florida Theater Conference (Complete History of America Abridged)