Chad Naremore

Chad Naremore

Vocal Range: Tenor    ·    Height: 5'10"    ·    Weight: 185    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    Training: 11 years acting, 2 years vocal training, 1 year improvisation training    ·    Special Skills: Music, accents, improv    ·    Hometown: New Orleans, LA    ·    Born: 12/3/1987    ·    High School: Jesuit High School    ·    College: Louisiana State University    ·    Occupation: Actor/Musician

Chad was born in New Orleans, LA to Bruce and Donna Naremore. He began performing at a young age with leading roles in multiple productions at Playmakers Theatre in Covington under director Frank Levy. While working with Frank Levy, Chad also familiarized himself with behind the scenes work, i.e. managing ...Read More

Stage Credits:
The Businessman.... The Oldest Profession   (2/2007)
Juror #7 *.... Twelve Angry Men   (4/2006)
Roscoe Dexter *.... Singin' In The Rain   (4/2005)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Stage Manager.... The Oldest Profession   (2/2007)

Non-stage credits:
Series of moral decision commercials filmed @ Fontainbleau High School in Mandeville, LA in 2001.