Katie Messina

Katie Messina

Vocal Range: Alto/Mezzo    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    Training: Ballet, pointe, tap, jazz/lyrical/contemporary, hip hop (Encore Dance Studio)    ·    Born: 2/11/1993    ·    High School: St. Mary's Dominican High School

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Katie Messina
Katie Messina
Katie Messina
Katie Messina

Stage Credits:
Alice Sycamore *.... You Can't Take It With You   (4/2011)
Brenda.... The Pajama Game   (12/2010)
Nancy Lee Faulkner *.... The Night of January 16th   (3/2010)
Kim Easton *.... Back to the 80's   (12/2009)
Pattie/Zora/Ensemble.... Leader of the Pack   (6/2009)
English Department/Ensemble.... Fame   (4/2009)
Ensemble.... Anything Goes   (1/2009)
Lady Macbeth *.... While Shakespeare Slept   (5/2006)
The Mayor.... Best in the West   (3/2006)
Authoress *.... The Final Dress Rehearsal   (12/2005)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Director.... Wake Up and Love   (10/2010)(9/2010)
Asst. To The Director.... Do You Know What It Means To Love New Orleans   (7/2007)