A Noise of Deeds' is naturally 'N'Awlins

Sunday January 21, 07
by Stephen Cefalu,

'A Noise of Deeds' is naturally 'N'Awlins'
Skyfire production has matinee today
Sunday, January 21, 2007
Stephen Cefalu

Award-winning playwright, actor and director George Sanchez teamed up with producer Zachary A. Casey to create Skyfire Theatre's "A Noise of Deeds," which takes place in the Irish Channel.

The story centers around corrupt politicians, an impending workers' strike and a Saints football game.

This show and the realistic, colorful characters are definitely "Naturally N'Awlins"! Sanchez's impressive cast is headed by veteran actor Rex Badeaux, who is perfect as the retired political puppet master who still calls all the shots.

Badeaux's character is subtly slimy and seems to be always "toying" with his unsuspecting opposition.

Veteran actor Gary Mendoza (Mike Donegan) and Jaren Mitchell (Howdy Dooty) elevate the pace and the emotions of the production.

Although there is a genuine friendship between the pair, they are almost constantly verbally battling each other. Their characters are frazzled most of the time because of the circumstances and what is at stake.

Soft-spoken Jeremy Gillum (Arnold Davis) is convincing and classy as the "voice of reason" who wants to further his political ambitions. Then there is Oran Adams (Mayor Barret Carter), whose character and portrayal resemble a mixture of past city mayors who were outspoken, arrogant, and actions self-fulfilling.

Daniel Thomas provides the character of Councilman Bobby Byrnes with a efficient amount of anxiousness that is believable.

The veteran acting team of Lori Molinary (Maggie Ryan Flores) and Ray Perer (Danny Doyle) are a thing of beauty to watch. Their actions and verbal batter are typical of a couple who have been married for quite awhile and know each other's every actions and thoughts. The pair never misses any opportunity to "milk" their perspective laugh lines. It was nice to see vaudeville veteran Perer "dance out" for the curtain call.

There is a gut grittiness and streetwise edge to Shawn Curry's portrayal of union leader Billy Chavez.

Charles Pineda provides additional comic relief as the novice bartender. There is some nice work from Allen Bryant as Father Hefferle. Rounding out the cast is Brianne Holliday who ties up the loose ends with her performance as Mrs. Harriet Halloran.