Romeo and Juliet

Thursday January 10, 02
by Patrick Shannon, Crescent City Chronicles

"There is nothing like hearing the language of William Shakespeare under the
stars in an open air production.  But the poetry of the language must be
spoken clearly and with a daunting felicity of the tongue which is rarely
heard in small community productions.  I have only enjoyed this most
difficult of acting techniques in professional productions at such places as
the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park in New York City and other such
Lately, however, there have been several nearly perfectly done productions of
the Bard in and around our town.  Most recently was a production last year
of Romeo and Juliet at U. N. O., where the young, well-trained actors and a
few familiar locals did a full length production with astonishing skill.
Not a dry eye in the full house at the end of this enduring love story of
young lovers."