Bring Down Glory

A review

Thursday August 21, 08
by Patrick Shannon, III,

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Bring Down Glory
A review by Patrick Shannon, III

Bring Down Glory is another post hurricane Katrina play and is
the fourth piece in the Disaster Number 1604 series being written
by local talented playwright Louis Crowder.  This play is
currently running at the Backyard Ballroom, 3519 St. Claude

Mr. Crowder has penned another drama in which his knowledge of
and practice as a Voodoo Priest plays a strong influence.  Two
male lovers meet a year after Katrina.  One has lost everything
and the other remains rich and untouched by the disaster.  They
want to get together again and resume their relationship. However
their mind set/world views are like water and oil.  During their
separation, one of them has taken on a young lover. The other has
become galvanized to the point of madness over the injustice and
horror that prevails, even to the point of setting soul sucking
RC churches on fire due to their obvious lack of concern for the
welfare of the people.  Lending a surreal aura to the drama is
the author playing a Spirit Singer who meanders on stage chanting
in French I think, invisible to the characters he weaves among. 

Mr. Crowder has a great talent for introspection and writes
speeches which reflect his interest and concern about the
uncertainty and unfairness of life full of well crafted and
beautiful lines.

Steve Kubick in the role of Ben, the lover who is an artist and
an eventual fanatic for justice, creates a character full of
fire, angst, and a desire for action.  He wants to return to his
lover but he also wants to fulfill his life with an almost
melodramatic need to act and change the world.

Rene, the “lost” lover who has lost nothing due to the hurricane,
is played by Charlie Michael Bill. Mr.  Bill gives a strong
performance as the more pragmatic and realistic Rene who believes
that the most important thing is saving his ex-lover.  What is
more important? Saving one man or saving the world?

Wes Calloway plays Eli, the young lover taken on by Rene.  Mr.
Calloway has a firm stage presence and plays the role of the
cocky young lover perfectly.  He also brings the play to a
chilling end with the last speech, alone on stage under a single

Bring Down Glory may not be to everyone’s taste but Mr. Crowder’s
works are always curiously compelling and this one does not
disappoint.  Even with a small budget the show works. I can only
imagine what a stunning effect it would have with all the
necessary fire, brimstone and sound effects. Even so it is more
than worth the trip to the Backyard Ballroom Theatre.