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Non-stop action and fun! All original songs, lots of laughs,
clever lyrics, jokes-within-jokes and a terrific, talented,
energetic and explosive cast!
All three lovable performers bounce around the stage as the show unfolds - with zany costume changes that include wandering mustaches and a mermaid costume direct from a Chicken of the Sea commercial. The show is non-stop action and fun, and at times you will swear there are 6 people performing, not just three!"
- Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline Online

"Fresh, fast, fun and funny, a modern version of the intimate topical musical reviews that lit up New York’s nightlife in grander days, What’s the Point? is a must-be-there destination for cabaret-goers. With a three-person cast — Hector Coris, Patrick Garrigan and Eadie Scott — zooming in and out from backstage and positioning themselves in solos, duets and trios, the evening merrily takes on such subjects as vampires, cell phones, the zoo, romance, straight and gay relationships, and more. The show consists of more than twenty musical numbers, all with original music by Alan Cancelino and well pianoed by Joe Regan; and all of it with witty, sharply crafted, and often moving lyrics by Hector. Susan Haefner, choreographer, and Colette Black, director, make inventive use of the tiny stage and wings at the Reprise Room, bringing the cast back and forth, to and fro, and up and down with a swift yet smooth pace."
- Peter Haas, Cabaret Scenes